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Renew your spirit

Personal training with various fitness and wellness experiences to awaken your true potential!


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Body, Mind and Spirit


We strive to provide every person a wellness experience through training the body, mind and spirit. Reconnect and reinvigorate your senses in a place of incredible natural beauty with world-class trainers.

Crafted and Tailored for You

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We believe an active body is a happy body. At Xen Wellness, we offer personal training along with various fitness and wellness experiences — from strength training and injury prevention to self-defense and contrast therapy. Whether your version of wellness is a weekly sparring session with a mixed martial arts trainer or meditation in the open air pavilion, we are committed to providing the possibility for you to leave each session changed. 


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Inside Tim Duncan’s insane body transformation as Spurs icon turns to MMA in retirement and is a ‘beast.’

Healing the Body and Mind

mental mastery
& physical recovery

 At Xen Wellness believe that wellness starts with a healthy and happy mind. We also know that taking the time to recover physically and treat your body right is essential to your mental health.  Our personal training take place in a beautiful facility with all of the necessary amenities to help you get your dose of sweat and mindfulness. 

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Your Fitness Team


We offer personal training from the best. From Olympian and 10-time National Judo Champion, Nina Cutro-Kelly
to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Jason Conine, you get expertise from those who are at the top of their field.
Xen wellness provides me a place where I can challenge myself everyday and keep pushing past my limits, even as i get older.

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Deciding on a wellness journey can be both exciting and overwhelming. Let us guide you through the different choices available and assist you in choosing the experience best suited to achieve your fitness goals.