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Drawing on proven teachings and techniques from around the world, our team offers clear, practical, and innovative tools to guide your personal journey toward greater well-being.

Jason Echols

Jason’s life work and practice are devoted to supporting people on their path towards balanced and renewed health in mind, body, and spirit. As a personal fitness trainer, holistic health practitioner, and kickboxing wellness instructor with over 20 years of experience, he has consistently been a trusted resource for individuals creating transformative and sustainable life changes. 

Jason has been immersed in the world of integrative health and martial arts since he was a teenager. His passion for assisting others in reaching their personal health and fitness goals is rooted in his own positive health and wellness experiences, including the relationships he has formed within his fitness communities.

Known for his wellness knowledge and engaging workout sessions, Jason combines both an evidence-based and client-centric approach in his work. He is just as committed to helping people on their journey of self-discovery as he is to learning the most current findings in the field to better support their progress. Through personal fitness programs, Jason charts practical and attainable coursework, putting optimal health within reach for his clients and providing them with the tools to maintain it.

billy wright

Billy’s personal values are rooted in the core principles of martial arts. As a child, training in a dojo gave him a baseline for relationships: patience, self-discipline, work ethic, respecting others, participation, and what qualities to look for in communities.

As a trainer, Billy has discovered how to help others find balance, joy, and develop the tools necessary for navigating the stress and rigors of daily life. In every session, he seeks to create an atmosphere conducive to learning, personal growth, developing lasting friendships, and healthy competition.

Billy has also discovered the revitalizing physical benefits of martial arts training — including the ability to complete household chores, yard and vehicle maintenance, and basic health and fitness activities without being hampered by chronic joint and muscle pain or limited mobility.

nina cutro-kelly

Nina’s love and talent for empowering individuals to set and achieve life goals is on full-display in her work. As a Judo and self-defense instructor at Echols Fitness, she equips individuals to move through life with confidence and precision.

A dual citizen of the United States and France, Nina has competed at the highest levels for more than two decades in Judo, Sambo, U.S. wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Her list of athletic accomplishments includes 5th degree black belt and 10-time National Judo Champion, two-time World Sambo Champion, Heavyweight USA Women’s Wrestling Champion, open rank open weight French Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, and 2021 Olympian.

Nina’s love for her primary sport, Judo, began in 1992, when she discovered that she could earn medals, rather than punishments, for fighting.

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